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The DDFA newsletter is published twice a year and features results of family research done by the organization, copies of original documents that we find, and researched articles put together from various sources. We also feature many stories and research submitted by our members. We are grateful when our members share their family with ours and would love to publish your material so all of the extended family can learn about those they may never be lucky enough to meet. Here are a few articles that have been published in our previous newsletters, as well as some written specially for this website.

Brief Family History – Have you ever wondered where the Dameron-Damron surname originated? This article by Leonard Damron sheds some light on where the name comes from.

Westerfield Manor – Although no proof has yet been found, we believe our family to have moved to the US from the Ipswich area of England in Suffolk. Westerfield is one of the stately manors in the area is associated with a possible  ancestor.

Henley and Henley Hall – Originally three manors that were later combined into one, Henley is another manor in Suffolk associated with the Dameron-Damron surname. There’s no proof that these Dameron-Damrons are our ancestors, but evidence so far seems to show Lawrence Dameron’s family coming from this area.

Lawrence Damron – Learn more about the first proven family ancestor to move to America.

Lawrence Dameron’s Home, Brick Wall – An article about Brick Walls, the second of Lawrence Dameron’s houses, and the land it was on. That land is now a natural preserve called Dameron Marsh.

Lawrence Dameron’s Will – It’s likely that there is no official record of copy of the original will. This version was transcribed by Helen Foster Snow in the 1950s.

Finding Joshua Damron’s Grave – We’ve all had family members buried in cemeteries we aren’t familiar with, have lost over time, or were moved with road work or other construction. This article details how one family member found his grandfather’s grave and became interested in genealogy.