Dameron-Damron Family Association

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Membership is annual, from January 1 to December 31. New members receive two issues of The Dameron-Damron Family Newsletter for the calendar year in which the membership is received (if received before December 1, unless otherwise requested).  Annual membership dues are used to cover the cost of printing, preparing, and mailing the Dameron-Damron Family Newsletter.

Membership                              $15.00 annually
Sustaining* Membership        $25.00 annually
Patron* Membership               $50.00 or more annually

Renewal of membership is due each fall.

*The dues of Sustaining members and Patrons above the basic $15.00 are used for research, operating expenses, or other expenses consistent with the purposes of the organization.

Address for membership: 
Please submit membership application, renewals, dues, and your membership status.

Dameron-Damron Family Association
Davonna Guthrie
1326 N Audubon Rd
Indianapolis, In 46219
Makes checks or money orders payable to Dameron-Damron Family Association

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