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The Dameron-Damron Family Association publishes the Dameron-Damron Family Newsletter two times per year.  Though concerted efforts are made to publish only factual material, neither the association nor its members are responsible for errors of fact or judgment which may appear in printed in the newsletter. Submissions of articles, photographs, obituaries, etc. are welcomed!  The DDFA reserves the right to edit all material submitted.

Material for possible use in the newsletter may be sent to the editor at this address:
Dameron-Damron Family Association
Donald Guthrie, acting editor
1326 N Audubon Rd
Indianapolis, In 46219

Go to the Dameron-Damron Family Newsletter table of contents to get see the type of material that has appeared in past volumes.

New members receive two issues of The Dameron-Damron Family Newsletter for the calendar year in which the membership is received.  Annual membership dues are used to cover the cost of printing, preparing and mailing the Dameron-Damron Family Newsletter.


Available for DDFA members only!

The cost per copy is $7.50 for the last ten volumes (currently 46-55). All prior Volumes are $3.75, except for Volumes 1 and 2 which are sold as a set for $7.50.  Earlier volumes may be reprints without colored cardstock covers.

Back issues in electronic format:
Back issues of the newsletters are available on CD in groups of ten: 1-10. 11-20, 21-30, 31-40, and 41-50.  When more than one group is ordered, they will be combined as one file, unless otherwise requested.  You must have the free program, Adobe Acrobat Reader, on your computer (PC or Mac) permitting global searches of the entire file.  Bookmarks can take you to specific articles.  The price per ten-issue group is $15.00 including postage for the first four and $30.00 for the last group of ten issues (41-50).

Contact Person for all back issues:
Dameron-Damron Family Association
Davonna Guthrie
1326 N Audubon Rd
Indianapolis, In 46219

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Updated 12 March 2018
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