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The Divorce of
Samuel Damron, Sr.
Sarah Smith Damron


Deposition of witnesses taken before me John H Queen a Justice in & for Wayne county Wva
at the House of Samuel Damron Sr in the 5th District in Said county pursuant to the notice
hereto annext to be Read in Evidense in a Suit now pending in the county court for Wayne
county were in Samuel Damron Sr is plft & Sarah Damron She is Deft on this the 22nd day of
Decd 1876 between the Hours of 10 oclock in the AM & 6 oclock in PM came Stanley Copley a
witness of behalf of the plft the Said Stanly Copley aged about 33 years Deposes & Says
that I Reside in Wayne county I am acquainted with the parties to this Suit & have been
for nine or ten years I have ben at thear house Deferent times & always found plenty to
eat while they was living to gither I knever hird any complaint of plft not prefiding
plentefuly for his famuley I am Sone what a quainted with the plft general Reputation and
as far as I know it is good I was present when the Deft left the plft & hird the plft
tell the Deft to Stay at home She refused to Stay at home with hem & she Refused at
the time of A bandment.

Cross Examonation

She said she would not stay & have hur brains beat out & think the plft was present when
she a bandoned the plft they was living on the farm whear she was leveng before they was
married I never knew the Deft to be un faithful or un true to hur companion sence they
have ben married only the plft Re Quested hur to stay at home with hem & she Refused at
the time of A bandment

In Chief

I hird the plft tell the Deft to stay at home & he would not bother hur any more
and further the Deponant saith not.

Stanley Copley

at the same time & place came Ira G. Copley another witness on behalf of the plft aged
about 55 years who being first Duly Sworn Deposes & Says I am acquainted with the plft &
Deft & have been for about 35 years I am a quainted with the general reputation of plft
that reputation is good as far as I know I am also acquainted with the general
Reputation of Deft that reputation is bad I know hur guilty of an adultery but not
since they was married that a dultelry was commeted with out the knowledge of procurement
of the plft.

Cross Examonation

I think the Deft has had some 12 children or moor & she has never had no children since
they was married as I know of I have never known the Deft to be unfaithful or un true to
plft since they was married the plft & Deft ben married about 10 years
And further this Deponant Saieth not

Ira G. Copley

At the same time & place came Moses D Smith another witness on behalf of the Plft aged
about 25 years who being first Duly Sworn Deposes & Says that I reside in wayne county
west VA iam acquainted with the parties to this Suit one is said to be my father & the
other my mother I have leved with them Since they was married faether was kind an good
to mother when she would be to him he had means sufficient to support himself without the
aid of mother She was not kind & good to faether She was ill & crabid to him I do not
know that faither ever a bused hur without a cause I have hird faither beg mother often
to let him a lone I hird John Smeth begeng mother to let faether a lone that he would be
a good man if she would let him a lone that she was aggravating the sole out of him I
also used the same conversation to hur the reason I ded so she was dooeng So with out a
cause me and my Wif was at faethers when mother was seck A short time before she left him
& she was then quarling at faether & I begged hur to let him a lone.

Cross Examonation

I have saw faether whip mother & throw up Joseph Ward to hur he beleaved hur and Josep
Ward was courting
I hird faether throw up to hur that he beleaved she had courted other men be fore they was
The time I saw faither whep mother & throwup Joseph Ward to hur it was since they was
married I saw him pull hur hair and kick hur with his feet & I went to him & told him to
let hur go Mother had plenty But faether helped to make it since they have ben married
Mother & hur children worked & helpled to make the liveng that they leved on they say
mother has had 15 children She has never had any children since hur and plft has ben
married the farm they leved on when mother A bandened the plft was the same farm they
leved on be fore they was married I saw them sleeping to gether be fore and sence they
was married

Examonation in Chief

Ever since I can recollect faether has helped to support mother & her children
and further this Deponent was not

Moses X Smith

The further taking Depositions in this behalf is adjourned to the 23d day of Decr at the same place & between the same hours of sd Day

J H Queen --- J P"

(The original spelling of the transcription has been retained as much as possible.)

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