Extract from
The Dameron-Damron Family Newsletter
Volume 20 --- Spring 1991

of Lincoln Co., TN, & Jackson Co., AL

Researched by Jewel Casey and Tressie Nealy

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Image provided by R. E. Damron.GREEN HAMBRICK married BETSY DAMERON on 14 August 1806 in Jefferson Co., Tennessee. Court
records show that Green Hambrick was associated with the Damrons who moved from Jefferson Co. to Lincoln Co., TN, in about 1814. See Vol. 17 (Fall 1989) of the newsletter for the Lincoln Co. court records. Green Hambrick lived in Madison Co., AL, in 1830 and in Jackson Co., AL, in 1840.

Green Hambrick died in May, 1865, in Jackson Co., AL. He left no will. Estate records show that he left a widow named Elizabeth, probably the same person as the Betsy Dameron he married in 1806. A petition to the court dated 30 March 1874 contains a list of his heirs, including the children of his deceased daughter, CATHERINE (HAMBRICK) DAMERON. The heirs at law of Catherine were ELIZABETH DAMERON (of age - resides Shelbyville, TN), GREEN DAMERON (of age - resides Shelbyville, TN), WILLIAM DAMERON (of age - residence unknown), and PARIS DAMERON (of age - resides Jackson Co., AL).

No record has been found that definitely identifies the husband of Catherine, daughter of Green Hambrick, but two of the children listed as heirs at law of Catherine Dameron are shown on the 1850 census for Bedford Co., TN, in the household of ONEY DAMERIN, age 57, born in NC. Green is listed as age 16 and William is listed as age 14. Records show that Oney resided in Lincoln Co., TN, in the 1820s and in northern Alabama in the 1830s. There is an 1824 deed in Lincoln Co., TN, by which Sion Damron (son of Tigner Dameron) and Isaac Collins sold land which included the improvements of Green Hambrick to Edmond Ogletree. This deed was witnessed by "Ony" Damron. This Oney Damerin/Damron seems to be the most likely candidate for the Dameron who married Catherine, daughter of Green Hambrick.

Little is known about Catherine (Hambrick) Dameron's children, Elizabeth and William. Paris apparently lived in Jackson Co., AL, where he married SUSANNAH, maiden name unknown, and died sometime between 1870 and 1880. By 1850 Oney had apparently married for a second time to LYDIA, maiden name unknown, and was the father of 2 more children, Nancy, born ca. 1842, and Joseph, born ca. 1845. No later records have been found for Oney, Lydia, or their son Joseph. NANCY DAMRON was married to ALEX PRICE prior to 1860.

GREEN BERRY DAMRON, son of Catherine Hambrick and, possibly, Oney Dameron/Damerin/Damron, was born ca. 1834 in Alabama. Though his surname is spelled in various ways in the records, and he sometimes signed his name as Green B. Damren, his descendants seem to consistently use the Damron spelling. Green served in the Civil War in the Union Army as a private in Company A, 4th Regi-ment, Tennessee Mounted Infantry.

In his application for a Civil War pension in 1890, Green B. Damron stated that he had suffered an injury to his foot while escaping from Blackwell's bushwhackers and was deaf in one ear due to being shot in the ear by a fellow soldier who mistook him in the nighttime for an enemy soldier. An affidavit by a neighbor stated that the neighbor was told the night after the depot at Shelbyville was burned that Damron and another soldier escaped from the depot by jumping and running. Other Union soldiers at the depot were captured by Confederate troops. This pension application is the source of Green's full name, for he explained his name was actually Green Berry Damron, not Greenberry Damron. Image provided by R. E. Damron.

The records do not show whether Green received a pension, but his widow was a pensioner at the time of her death. Green married in about 1855 to MARY BERNICE, maiden name unknown. Both census records and the pension file for Green indicate a connection with the OVERCAST family, suggesting that Overcast may have been her maiden name. Mary was born 15 April 1839 and died 8 or 17 April 1930 in Bedford Co., TN. She was buried in Willow Mount Cemetery in Shelbyville. Green Berry Damron died on 20 March 1892 and was buried in Willow Mount Cemetery in Shelbyville.

Issue of Green Berry Damron and Mary Bernice Overcast:

           b. 4 April 1856
           d. 22 July 1913, Shelbyville, Bedford Co., TN
           Buried: Coats Cemetery
           md. (1) JULIA COATS
              b. 25 Dec. 1856
              d. 10 March 1886
           md. (2) SARAH BOMAR, ca. 1889
              b. 27 Feb. 1865
              d. 27 Nov. 1927

     Issue of John Parris Damron and Julia Coats:
           b. 28 Oct. 1878
           d. 15 April 1958 at Lewisburg, TN
              b. 23 March 1876
              d. 15 Dec. 1957
           Issue of John Oscar Damron and Sarah Catherine Bomar:
           1. JULIA E. DAMRON
              b. ca. 1898
           2. MARY E. DAMRON
              b. ca. 1901
           3. ELIJAH R. DAMRON
              b. 8 Nov. 1903
              d. 2 Feb. 1937
              buried: Willow Mount Cemetery, Bedford Co., TN
              md. LUCY HENLEY
                   b. 30 Oct. 1908
                   d. 22 July 1971
              b. ca. 1906
              d. 1 June 1988
              buried: Rose Hill Cemetery, Tullahoma, Coffee Co., TN
              m. BROWNIE ADCOCK
              Children: JUDY (md. GILLIAM), JANICE (md. LaCOOK), JOE,
              b. 14 Dec. 1908, Bedford Co., TN
              Living in Columbia, TN, in June, 1988.
           6. EMMA DAMRON
              Living in Akron, OH, in June, 1988
              m. W.N. JEAN SR.

           One of the daughters of John Oscar Damron (not Emma) married
           C. P. CHOCKLEY and died between 15 April 1858 and 1 June 1988.

           b. Dec. 1880
           md. PEARL EADY, 20 Sept. 1908, Shelbyville, Bedford Co., TN
              Dau. of Alexander Hiram and Lou Alice (____) Eady
              b. ca. 1887
           Issue (there were probably other children):
           1. HENRY DAMRON
              b. 25 Aug. 1909, Bedford Co., TN

           b. July 1883

           b. ca. 1900
           md. FINIS WILLIAMSON, 27 May 1916
              Shelbyville, Bedford Co., TN

     b. ca. 1858
     d. 21 Feb. 1900
     buried: Willow Mount Cemetery in Bedford Co., TN
     m. MARY PAINTER, 6 Dec. 1880, Shelbyville, Bedford Co., TN
           Mary was the daughter of Frank Sr. & Malinda (Tucker) Painter
           b. 1859
           d. 1938
     Issue of William James Damron & Mary Painter:
           b. 1882, Tennessee
           b. 4 Dec. 1883, Tennessee
           d. 15 Dec. 1937
           buried: Willow Mount Cemetery, Bedford Co., TN
           m. VIOLA CATHY, 7 Nov. 1903, Shelbyville, Bedford Co., TN
              b. 4 Feb. 1886
              BERNICE (b. 27 Aug. 1904, d. 14 Nov. 1907)
              F. JAMES (b.ca. 1906)
              M. BIRDIE (b. ca. 1909),
              and probably additional children.

JESSIE DAMRON, born in August, 1888, is listed on the 1900 census in the household of Mary (Painter) Damron, widow of William James Damron. She is listed as a niece of Mary. Jessie may have been a daughter of John Parris Damron and Sarah Bomar because on the 1900 census Sarah is shown as the mother of one living child, though all children listed in the household were born prior to the death of John's first wife. Sarah's only known child, Myrtle Damron, is listed on the 1910 census as age 11. She was not listed, however, on the 1900 census in her parents' household.

On the 1900 census, Mary Damron, widow of Green B. Damron, is listed as the mother of 3 children, only 1 child still living. We have identified only 2 of those children. The 1910 census listing shows her as the mother of only 2 chil-dren. It is possible that Jessie Damron may have been a daughter of a third child of Green B. and Mary Damron. Jessie Damron was married to PEARL ARNOLD on 13 July 1905 in Shelbyville, Bedford Co., TN.

The research of Jewel Casey and Tressie Nealy on the descendants of Green Hambrick has added greatly expanded our knowledge of the Damrons in south- central Tennessee and northern Alabama. Another Hambrick researcher, Carolyn Hatcher, continues to research the Damerons in Norfolk Co., VA, and Pasquotank and Perquimans Co., NC.

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