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Some entries have been adapted or abstracted from the DDFA Newsletter, submitted by DDFA Members, or extracted from other publications.  Some links are to other websites.

NOTE:  The names Dameron and Damron are arranged as if spelled the same.

Damron, James Thomas, son of John Henry Damron of Brown Co., Texas
(off site)

Dameron, John, Captain of the ship, "Deuty"

Damron, John (Capt), son of Moses Damron & Aggy Owl  (off site)

Damron, John D., 2nd Lieut., Civil War letter (off site)

Damron, John Henry of Brown Co., Texas (off site)

Dameron, Lawrence of Northumberland Co. Virginia. 1652 (off site)

Damron, Lazarus, scout & early settler of Kentucky & Cabell Co., VA/WV
(off site)

Damron, Moses, ancestor of most Damron's in western WV and eastern KY
(off site)

Dameron, Oney S. of Norfolk Co., Virginia

Damron, Samuel, Sr. of Wayne Co., West Virginia

Dameron, Tigner, Rutherford Co., Tennessee, will & inventory of estate

Fisher, John King, Texas gunslinger & lawman (off site)

Owens-Adair, Bethenia, pioneer female doctor of the Northwest (off site)

Owl, Aggy, wife of Moses Damron, of Russell Co., Virginia. (Sometimes recorded as Ogle) (off site)

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