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                Public Schools, and Minneapolis Public Schools, Minnesota.

Read about Dr. Owens-Adair in her own words:

Dr. Owens-Adair: Some of Her Life Experiences.
by B. A. Owens-Adair.
Mann & Beach, Printers, Portland, Oregon,[n.d.]
Dr. Bethenia Owens-Adair, a pioneering female doctor in Oregon and Washington. Born in 1840, she came with her parents, Thomas Owens and Sarah Damron (dau. of Moses Damron & Sarah Mullins), from Virginia to Oregon in 1843.
The text of this out-of-print book is available online at Google Book Search/Google Books Library Project:
Dr. Owens-Adair: Some of Her Life Experiences.

Some websites about Dr. Owens-Adair:
    "Chattering Magpie"
    "Sovereigns of Themselves: A Liberating History of Oregon And Its Coast"
            (the material about her is well on down this long page.)
"Failure is Impossible: A History of AmericanWomen's Rights"

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