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A Brief History of the Damerons/Damrons
by Leonard L. Damron
Dameron/Damron Family Newsletter, Volume 1, Fall, 1981

Northumberland County, Virginia, the area where Lawrence Dameron settled and lived

Finding the Grave of Rev. Joshua Damron of Boyd Co., Kentucky
Co., Kentucky
by Paul Damron.

Helen Foster Snow, 89, a Founder Of Industrial Co-ops in China By Wolfgang Saxon. New York Times, 1997 (off site)

Helen Foster Snow: Witness to Revolution (CF&R/KBYU)
A film (on VHS) produced by Combat Films and Research. (off site.  Scroll down the page.)
"For China, the 1930's were a decade marked by profound uncertainty and sweeping change. It was in this unstable and dangerous environment that aspiring American author Helen Foster found herself when she arrived in China in 1931. She spent the next decade working as a writer, an activist, and humanitarian. She is one of the few Western eyewitnesses to the gathering Chinese Communist revolution."

he Helen Foster Snow Collection part of the 20th-21st Western and Mormon Americana Collection at
Brigham Young University (off site)

Helen Foster Snow burial site on FIND A GRAVE website.

Minutes of the Old Zion Association of United Baptists, of Eastern Kentucky and Western West Virginia. 1848-1880  (off site)  Moses Damron and Lazarus Damron of Wayne County, West Virginia, are among those listed.  Some names related to the Damron's are Marcum, Napier, Kirk, and Maynard also appear.

Myths, Mistakes, Misconceptions and Misinformation concerning the Dameron-Damron family and its members.

In Suffolk County, England : The Dameron line almost certainly goes back to Suffolk County, England.  The following excerpts are about two sites connected with the Dameron name.  These are sections from the following book:   Copinger, Walter Arthur, 1847-1910, The Manors of Suffolk; notes on their history and devolution, with some illustrations of the old manor houses.  London, T. F. Unwin, 1905-11.

Westerfield Manor                            Henley and Henley Hall

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